Patch 1.39

Wakfu Elements is now updated for Patch 1.39.

Many of you may start to notice that shortly after this patch the market data will dry up. It appears that once again the protocols have changed(shocking right?). I'll do my best to get them updated and working as quickly as I can.

The next addition was the creating of a facebook page.You may find it here . I would encourage you to follow Wakfu Elements there, like us etc. I'll be posting smaller and more frequent updates there that aren't really worthy of a full news post, and I would love to hear feedback and discuss topics. I intend to post different things I find that aren't really WE material but things I know the players would find interesting. It will also be where any giveaways , contests etc will be held.

Finally the last bit of news is this. I want to say thank you to all of you who use Wakfu Elements, and Ankama Games for letting me use the graphics/data from the game to provide the site. I hope you all enjoy using it as much as I do making it. Stop by the facebook page and say Hi, or you can find me on Skype at boredom.elements.

It is my goal here at Wakfu-Elements to provide you with the most accurate and complete database of all the elements that make Wakfu the game it is. If while you are browsing the site, you come across an error, please contact me. I like to get mail, even if its pointing out flaws.


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