Area-of-Effect Weapons Master

Recipe Name Level Slot Ingredients
Twiggy Staff 0 One-handed Staff
Humus x10
Raw Ingot 0 CC Weapons Master Compone
Bonely Club 5 Two-handed Staff
Koriin Staff 5 One-handed Staff
Pilgrim Staff 10 One-handed Staff
Kick Axe 10 Axe
Piwi Hammer 15 Hammer
Cerberus 15 Hammer
Spiritual Club 15 Two-handed Staff
Bear Slicer 20 Axe
Basic Guard 20 CC Weapons Master Compone
Bendy Handle 20 CC Weapons Master Compone
Intkisser Club 25 Two-handed Staff
Googoobuster 25 One-handed Staff
Mace Lipawey 25 Hammer
Ibo-Nanga Mace 30 Hammer
Shepherd's Staff 30 One-handed Staff
Corpse Club 35 Two-handed Staff
The Astro 35 Axe
Dafturkey Club 35 Two-handed Staff
The Pinch-o-Matic 40 One-handed Staff
Crackdweller Staff 40 One-handed Staff
Kanniball Staff 40 One-handed Staff
Toh'Lo Hammer 40 Hammer
Sharpened Point 40 Distance Weapons Master C
Solid Handle 40 Area Weapons Master Compo
Club of Kings 45 Two-handed Staff
Beans x54
Primitive Club 45 One-handed Staff
Fossil x21
Pelvis x58
Tibia x28
Militiaman Eater 45 Axe
Treechnidis Vivitus 50 One-handed Staff
Skyslicer 50 Axe
Smash Hammer 50 Hammer
Outar Hammer 50 Hammer
Horned Club 55 Two-handed Staff
Boulgourde of the Glades 55 Axe
Rump Stake 55 Two-handed Staff
Fins x65
The Detartar 60 One-handed Staff
Pospodrol Hammer 60 Hammer
Kings' Staff 60 One-handed Staff
Smelly Ointment 60 CC Weapons Master Compone
Defibrilammer 60 Hammer
Sharp Point 60 CC Weapons Master Compone
Skullenbone Bat 65 One-handed Staff
Skull x31
First Swipes Club 70 Two-handed Staff
Razor Tooth 70 Axe
Aristocrab Staff 75 One-handed Staff
The Ratataka 80 One-handed Staff
Sangroku's Magic Club 80 Two-handed Staff
Ancestral Handle 80 CC Weapons Master Compone
Brrrbwi Staff 80 Two-handed Staff
Hammer of Death 80 Hammer
Slicing Point 80 CC Weapons Master Compone
Rokau's Club 85 One-handed Staff
Ancient Guardian Mace 90 Hammer
Forward Slash 90 Axe
Ogrest's Toothpick 95 Two-handed Staff
Whispered Standard 95 One-handed Staff
Martus Shushu 100 Hammer
Frappus Shushu 100 One-handed Staff
Brutus Shushu 100 Two-handed Staff
Starless Night Slicer 100 Axe
I Scream Spoon 100 One-handed Staff
Kwoac's Leg 100 Two-handed Staff
Fryou's Little Staff 100 One-handed Staff
Eskarina's Hammer 100 Hammer
Grou's Axe 100 Axe
Gauwd Mowning Staw 100 Hammer
Gauwd Fishing Spear 100 One-handed Staff
Tiwabbit Axe 100 Axe
Gold Bar 100 CC Weapons Master Compone
Tranchus Shushu 100 Axe
Ethereal Bar 100 CC Weapons Master Compone
Sawlargh 100 Axe
Bobolt x44
Meticulous Ingot 100 CC Weapons Master Compone

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