Area-of-Effect Weapons Master

Recipe Name Level Slot Ingredients
Raw Ingot 0 CC Weapons Master Compone
Twiggy Staff 0 One-handed Staff
Humus x10
Koriin Staff 5 One-handed Staff
Bonely Club 5 Two-handed Staff
Kick Axe 10 Axe
Pilgrim Staff 10 One-handed Staff
Piwi Hammer 15 Hammer
Cerberus 15 Hammer
Spiritual Club 15 Two-handed Staff
Bear Slicer 20 Axe
Basic Guard 20 CC Weapons Master Compone
Bendy Handle 20 CC Weapons Master Compone
Mace Lipawey 25 Hammer
Googoobuster 25 One-handed Staff
Intkisser Club 25 Two-handed Staff
Shepherd's Staff 30 One-handed Staff
Ibo-Nanga Mace 30 Hammer
The Astro 35 Axe
Corpse Club 35 Two-handed Staff
Dafturkey Club 35 Two-handed Staff
Kanniball Staff 40 One-handed Staff
Sharpened Point 40 Distance Weapons Master C
Solid Handle 40 Area Weapons Master Compo
The Pinch-o-Matic 40 One-handed Staff
Crackdweller Staff 40 One-handed Staff
Toh'Lo Hammer 40 Hammer
Club of Kings 45 Two-handed Staff
Beans x54
Primitive Club 45 One-handed Staff
Pelvis x58
Tibia x28
Fossil x21
Militiaman Eater 45 Axe
Treechnidis Vivitus 50 One-handed Staff
Skyslicer 50 Axe
Smash Hammer 50 Hammer
Outar Hammer 50 Hammer
Horned Club 55 Two-handed Staff
Rump Stake 55 Two-handed Staff
Fins x65
Boulgourde of the Glades 55 Axe
Kings' Staff 60 One-handed Staff
The Detartar 60 One-handed Staff
Pospodrol Hammer 60 Hammer
Sharp Point 60 CC Weapons Master Compone
Smelly Ointment 60 CC Weapons Master Compone
Defibrilammer 60 Hammer
Skullenbone Bat 65 One-handed Staff
Skull x31
Razor Tooth 70 Axe
First Swipes Club 70 Two-handed Staff
Aristocrab Staff 75 One-handed Staff
Slicing Point 80 CC Weapons Master Compone
Brrrbwi Staff 80 Two-handed Staff
Hammer of Death 80 Hammer
Ancestral Handle 80 CC Weapons Master Compone
The Ratataka 80 One-handed Staff
Sangroku's Magic Club 80 Two-handed Staff
Rokau's Club 85 One-handed Staff
Forward Slash 90 Axe
Ancient Guardian Mace 90 Hammer
Ogrest's Toothpick 95 Two-handed Staff
Whispered Standard 95 One-handed Staff
Tranchus Shushu 100 Axe
Gauwd Mowning Staw 100 Hammer
Martus Shushu 100 Hammer
Tiwabbit Axe 100 Axe
Frappus Shushu 100 One-handed Staff
Sawlargh 100 Axe
Bobolt x44
Kwoac's Leg 100 Two-handed Staff
Fryou's Little Staff 100 One-handed Staff
Gold Bar 100 CC Weapons Master Compone
Grou's Axe 100 Axe
Gauwd Fishing Spear 100 One-handed Staff
Brutus Shushu 100 Two-handed Staff
Eskarina's Hammer 100 Hammer
Starless Night Slicer 100 Axe
I Scream Spoon 100 One-handed Staff
Ethereal Bar 100 CC Weapons Master Compone
Meticulous Ingot 100 CC Weapons Master Compone

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